Kevin's Comfort Assurance Plan


Kevin's will provide a 10% discount on all repair parts, labor and installation of new equipment.


Kevin's offers a 2-year warranty on parts, plus customers who decide to replace equipment within 90 days of repair will receive credit on the last repair invoice.

Preferential Service

Kevin's will provide emergency service to you before non-agreement customers.

This would include "No Heat" calls during the very cold weather and "No Cooling" calls when cooling is a health necessity.

No overtime rates will be charged to agreement owners.


This agreement does not include any parts or materials except maintenance materials (lubrication/cleaning supplies) necessary to perform the required maintenance inspection.


Any repairs required will be brought to your attention for approval to proceed.

Repair will be billed on a time and material basis. Payment is due upon receipt of repair invoice.


Kevin's will maintain a complete record of all maintenance and repairs performed by us and will provide you with a written report upon completion of any work.


The agreement is payable in advance, and shall continue for yearly periods thereafter until terminated by either party in writing at least 30 days prior to the anniversary date.

The cost of the agreement is reviewed every three years.

This agreement can remain with the current home or move with the customer within Fulton, Williams, Henry and Defiance counties.